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15.0 m Offset Gregorian Antenna

Designed to precisely match the SKA dish requirements, this telescope is extremely innovative.  It is intended to perform from 0.3 to 10 GHz.  The prototype called DVA-1 will be produced with a collaboration between SKA Project, Minex Engineering and the Dominion Radio Observatory of NRC Canada.

6.1m Offset Gregorian Antenna

Designed for the ATA Allen Telescope Array, at Hat Creek, CA,
this telescope operates from 0.5 to 11.2 GHz.  There are 42 of these antennas installed at Hat Creek which is the first part of what will someday be a 350 element array.  Minex provided a very large fraction of the design and fabrication.



6.1m Symmetric Cassegrain Antenna

Designed originally for the Hat Creek BIMA Array, this telescope is a high performance mm wave antenna operating from 85 to 116 GHz.  Nine of these antennas are now part of the CARMA Project and one is at Seoul National University, South Korea.  Minex staff made key contributions to both projects.











Cooled ATA Feed

This design alters the original ATA Log Periodic Feed capability to a new range from 0.9 to 18 GHz.  Initial development and lab prototype were funded by the NSF.  Development is continuing with funding from the SETI Institute.