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     Reflectors and Support Structures

Minex has experience with several different telescope structure concepts. One of the most promising is the use a single piece reflector surface as a structural element as seen at the ATA. This and very compact drive systems has allowed light weight structures with low on site assembly labor costs.














    Full Motion Antenna Mounts

Commonly antenna mounts employ an Equatorial mount or an Azimuth Elevation Mount.  For very large antennas an Az El mount using an alidade on wheel & track is common.  Minex has specialized in smaller Az El mounts based on a precision a turnhead on a simple pedestal.  The turnhead is compact and precisely machined device that integrates bearings, drives, encoders and most control electronics.







    Precision Drive Systems

Minex Custom manufactures high quality zero backlash reducers and actuators for belt, gear and ball screw type drive systems.  Units have been made for small and large applications requiring up to 100,000 lbs load capacity.


    Reciever Feeds and Positioners

Feeds are at the heart of antenna performance. Minex has worked with Jack Welch for many years in the development of very wide band log periodic feeds providing an unusual continuous range from 0.9 to 18 GHz.  Minex also manufactures feed focus postioners and indexers.